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Fred Pilkioton Motors - Texoma Auto Sales Since 1943
Fred Pilkioton Motors - Texoma Auto Sales Since 1943
Fred Pilkioton Motors - Texoma Auto Sales Since 1943

Nissan Information

Nissan Company History

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Nissan, which was first introduced in the United States as Datsun, began in 1912 in Japan. Its first car, the DAT 31, was introduced in 1915. In 1933 the company name was changed to Nissan, although the cars it produced were still called Datsuns.

Datsun exports grew significantly in the 1960s and 1970s, and the cars were known to be well-built, dependable, and of good value. While most Datsuns were smaller, fuel-efficient cars, luxury sedans like the President and Cedric were also available.

In 1983 the Datsun name was dropped, and the cars became known as Nissans. In addition to making reliable passenger cars, Nissan also began to introduce hardy four-wheel drive vehicles.

Today the company manufactures the Nissan Altima, the Nissan Maxima, and the Nissan Sentra, as well as a mini-van, pickup truck, and several four-wheel drive vehicles. Nissan has also introduced an upmarket brand, Infiniti, to compete with Toyota's Lexus and Honda's Acura.

Information on Nissan Motor Company - Resources and Links

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